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Default Bangladesh is no longer the greatest team in the world

Questioner: Can you tell me why Bangladesh is the greatest team in the world?

Answer: *wipes sweat off mustache before launching rant mode*

Because of Nagin dance.


Moderator: No I am gonna hold you to an answer on that.

Answer: As they said. Great fan base. Great passionate supporters. Rising team. Great find of slew of SLA.

[Woman put's up sign: It's not.]

Well, cuz we are a new team. We have..

Moderator: No, I want a real answer from you.

Answerer: Well we are the NOT best team in the world. We have a beta male culture of Shamim Chowdhury and his loser talks who perpetuates the same ffin vibe of play-it-safery propagating to the entire nation, think-tank speak and everyone at the mercy of his end of microphone. Whereas players like Virat Kohli is looking for the next rung going vegan and chilling after Netflix, we have a bunch of millennial snowflakes whose sole reason to perspire and exhale is just to "live". We are happy just to be the 8th best team in the world if not for a "shommanjoy porajoy". Atels and fans who never made it to real team, perpetuate this self-defeating, modicum of mediocrity where they decide a series if not a match just from a toss if not based on E ffin LO strength of ratings. We are too happy and eager to draw a test based justifying with "statistics" and we scoff and laugh at those who dream big and "hush them" to "stay grounded". We give up on 4th innings of Test "just because" the past says so and "realistically" it is impossible.

We scoff at Tamim when he talks about his dreams and try to "hammer down that nail that sticks out". Instead of being a supportive culture, we ad nausea criticize every single micro-delivery.

We are a culture that settles for less. Hyperbole thread of "600 in ODI" (by a batsman, note) is opened we laugh.

When Aaron Finch De Villiers will be making 200 in T20 we will be "happy" to make 100 in T20. We lack vision, dream and imagination. We are a team and culture propagated by mantra of Shamim Chowdhury-and Cricinfo journalist who settles for less and has this "dhire dhire khelo mentality".

When players like Gayle and Andre Russell gormandizes bowlers and torments them by putting the pressure on them and tormenting them, we have NEUROTIC Athar-Shami MINDSET "you just hit a six, why do you want to hit another one." We suffer from guilt and we think greed is bad that's why when the homeostasis of the needle wildly swings, we linger back to our "comfort zone" of "paltry, average mediocre team".

We are a culture marked by tradition and (in some instances religion). Greed and certain arrogance is not only healthy but NECESSARY in sports. You don't see Lebron going "putu putu" "mutu mutu" and go "dekhi bhai chestay ashi" in a smarmy, ajaira please others mentality.

We lack self-respect, healthy boundaries and self-esteem. Our entire culture is informal. Just look at the tone of Bangla. Whereas Bangla can be extremely commanding and formal, the SLEAZE of tele-drama of "korsi, koraise, dhori, kaisos" OOOZES a sentiment where we can't be "firm but polite". We make fun of people who says "Suprobhat" and meanwhile our rich heritage of language is going down the drain. Imagine if the cop of Bangladesh had the same mechanical, polite but firm and formal tone of the states. No we don't.

Mindset is everything. And not FFIN because Richard Hadlee said so or because Olympians top of their icing cherry with mental sports psychology, but BECAUSE it is so. We don't talk the talk, walk the walk and act the part. Our body language sucks, we ooze self-defeatism and not grateful that "we are 11 of the select best out of 170 million and life is but one time so why not give it full throttle all" mentality.

We are a culture of doctors and engineers who are happy to make a 50 or 60 g job and somehow think "we made it". We AVOID risk taking and we are not risk takers. We like to be in our comfort zone and we never stretch.

We have this pathetic "build base and explode" mentality instead of adapting to game dynamics. We never lead and never batted a team or opposition out of the game. We have a defensive mindset, and again and again Mashrafe and Mushfiqur failed to apply pressure and NOT GO GREEDY when opponents were reeling at 5 down for 20 or 30 or so.

We over analyze a sport that is otherwise primal. We underplay emotions and mental component of the game, and analyze dumb ffin stuffs and waste and squander our energy and resources on stupid stuff like "Left arm coach" "leggie coach" etc. We shun and eschew "see ball and send if out of the park" mentality or when bowling to discombobulate an opponent's wickets.

We "expect" to "at least" win 1 and don't have the spine to say "We will f you up" and back it up. We are afraid to take risks, talk big BECAUSE deep down inside we know we can't back it up lest we make a buffoon and fool out of ourselves.

We are a team of eternal regrets. And no matter what, by the time Ireland and Afghanistan overtakes us we will STILL be the team that goes from "pata to pata" instead of "shira to shira".

Our ****y attitude is the real dream killer. Not our tactics or techniques. We simply lost the spirit, the zest, the panache, the flair, the spice, the venom, the oomph to play cricket. We have reached plateau and we stopped growing. We are not a creative nation in cricket and we hate to think out of the box and apply new things.

We don't emphasize fitness and don't build muscle. We think lanky, stringy bowlers will generate pace, nevermind force.

We lack holistic insight. We only follow others on what "works". We are never pioneer, we never start any trend. And there is no such thing as "Bangladesh" brand.

We never won any away Test series in 9000 trillion years of our playing. We are eager to please others, and lest our players emanate bombastic vibes and zeal we are too quick to shut them down BECAUSE of our own insecurities.

This entire "dhire shustehy dekhe dekhe khelo baba and we made 130 that should b good" has poisoned our entire culture and toxic system from the grassroots.

We are quite simply : TOO AFRAID TO DREAM BIG.

We settle for less. And even if we make 98 in T20, instead of being emblazoned and galvanized and looking it as a challenge to defend it "like a little B**** who got jilted (read saka khawa) we do Hai-hutaash like a typical sturm unt drang of "hay hay hay amader shongshaaar baaaney vaisha gelo".

Just fffin take a look at Australia Women's Team. How absolutely emblematic is their mindset. I firmly believe women are more positive than guys in sports simply cuz their ego is easy to dissolve and they don't entertain any weak, s**** pansy measly negative/average/mediocre attitude.

All these are not just empty, meaningless chest thumping hidden "under a veil of words" but hey... who am I rant when our stellar players marked and stamped their authority, huh? After all, they negate what I said.
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