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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
But Mithun is even more useless than Riyad.
It's prolly his attitude more than his form that got him axed from the Test team. Mackenzie pointed out that some players are just happy to be selected, don't have much a hunger for wins. I am pretty sure Riyad is one of such players he was talking about. If Shakib had his way, Riyad would be benched during WC for this attitude as well. I expect Domingo to phase out Riyad from all formats soon enough.

Hope they bring Shoriful into the Test side.
I hope not. The guy is smart, he has told the media clearly after the BCB practice match that - 1) he doesn't enjoy bowling at home, 2) he doesn't want to push his body to bowl long spells when he doesn't feel ready.

If anything, I hope to see him do well in DPL, and start grabbing LOI opportunities from Ireland tour.

Domingo, unfortunately, won't be able to nail down the Test combination for the time being. The Zimbabwe Test does not really give us a proper assessment of the players. After the LOI matches, they will be busy with DPL. Then they will go to Pakistan, play an ODI, rest for a day, and then play a Test match. He does not have opportunities even to have prolonged net sessions with them. If I were him, I would mostly focus on LOIs for now.
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