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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
HP and Academy is not the same thing as A team. BCB has been using them interchangeably for the past 5+ years, and that maybe an additional reason of why so many of our players from this period have been stagnating (Mithun, Liton, Soumya, Sabbir, etc).

The A team should be the 2nd string national side almost entirely comprised of uncapped domestic stalwarts (eg NCL, BCL, DPL, BPL runs/wickets leaders), national teamers out of form (Mominul), national teamers just coming back from injury and needing match practice at a high level, and lastly Test specialists who need more competitive game time to stay fit/sharp (Mominul, Taijul, Ebadat).

An HP or Academy side should contain prospects from U-19 levels. Its functionality should be separate from that of an A team. I am reasonably sure that the top sides in world cricket (India, England, Australia, NZ) stick to such differentiation.

If you look, India-SA-NZ-ENG-AUS have regularly A team and emerging player competitions on an annual basis. Its little wonder that those 4-5 countries always make Test ready players, whereas teams like Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and West Indies do not.

You defintely know more about the development of players more than me. I won't argue with you there, as there's nothing to argue about.

There is no alternative to my "foolishness" because the BCB has stopped or been unable to organize A team tours. An A team tour to Zimbabwe or West Indies or Sri Lanka once a year is simply not sufficient to produce world class players.

I am suggesting, that since the BCB won't be able to get our A team a tour against England Lions or Australia A, development needs to happen at the national team level and with young players. A player like Shadman should debut at 18, 19, or 20 years of age, not 24-25.
That’s just it, without regular A team cricket, proper A team cricket, these players will not develop. The domestic system just isn’t producing the quality and quantity of player needed to improve this national team and become a very strong international side that will consistently win and compete against the very best day in and day out.

With that being the case if their isn’t any inbetween (A team) then the choice is to leave players to try and develop domestically (but as said that’s not happening well enough) or have them with the national team.

Neither is ideal and neither will produce the best players. In the meantime all that can be done is pick the best prospects, put them with the national team and hope they swim instead of sink, but doing it this way will most likely mean more failures than successes.

I will say this again though, if I haven’t already said it enough, there are a lot of teams struggling these days (and last 15 years) to replace their top players. Look at South Africa, still a competitive team but not the powerhouse they were, Sri lanka, Australia obviously but that was to be expected to a degree. WI has struggled since the 90s really, I mean aside from a handful of greats the team has struggled since Ambrose and Walsh retired but even before they did they were on a decline.
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