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Originally Posted by al Furqaan
Lets not pretend that our A team plays 3-4 series per year and/or offers experience touring England, Australia, SA.
Now you're trying to use your ignorance to justify your foolishness. Each year, at least in recent years, BCB have been organizing HP summer camps and have been sending teams abroad. Last year we had multiple developmental tours to India, Sri Lanka, besides A-team matches against Afghans and Emerging Cup in Bangladesh. Year before that, Academy team did go to England and another tour as well.

The camp itself makes a huge difference for some players. For example, Miraz did not come out being a world class spinner straight out of U/19 WC. He spent a summer under Coach Sohel on his bowling; before and after that he played NCL focusing on his bowling; and then he came out and wrecked England.

The foolish way you're proposing was how BCB acted in early 2000s. Yes, some player then came straight out of U/19 and had some fluke success. But since they had not worked on their weakness or BCB didn't help, it would not take long for opposition to figure those weaknesses out. As much we complain against BCB, even they learnt from their mistakes and have been trying to do something to rectify it.
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