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Trump became the 3rd dude to get impeached.

People will often say how crime (esp. hate crimes) increased during his era. I am not so sure if that is the case. Had Hillary came these idiot, zealot Dems would NEVER scrutinize her the way they did Trump dirty and thus won't obsessively micro-find every single thing wrong with the world.

You can't eradicate evil. Only suppress it. And suppression is precisely what erupts and bubbles up as 9/11 or Florida mass shooting.

In certain ways, it IS good that Trump is our Herr Leader and Father. Online is a therapy for all these bigoted, red neck Bible thumpers. If you suppress, and marginalize their voice, they don't suddenly 'go away'. WTF you gon do? Use fear based repercussion method to silence hate and evil and racism?

Pfft. Yeah we all know how that worked.

Let the fiddler fiddle... be it if it means 'good' for the country.
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