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Default Sticky: Hall of Shame!! [Exclusive Edition]

Insert alltime worst performers. In no particular ordeR:
  • Shahadat "Beaumarchais" Hossain
  • Aftab "La Rochefoucald" Ahmed
  • Nayeem "Gotterdamurung" Hossain [named because his six sixes always spell doom]
  • Dollar "Dangerfield" Mahmud
  • Athar "Pioneer" Ali Khan
  • Javed O'More Belim
  • Shahriar "The Wasp" Nafees [I have no ---in idea why he has that name... cuz he sucks after getting stinged]
  • Mohammad "International Cricket is Much More Than Flash In the Pan Performance But Consistency and Lifelong Learning" Ashraful
  • Akram "Ketogenic" Khan
  • Khaled Mahmud "The Sincalir" Sujon
  • Roqibul "The Bull" Hassan (or is it Hossain? I forget....)

Feel free to insert more. Most of these 'nicknames' have no meaning of origin whatsoever... I know some dumb++ is sure to gonna feign as if just fell from sky scratching "I don't get the names..."

Well Mr. IQ-below 130 "Swedenborg" Moron... not everything has to be so linear from point A to B.

Anyhoo... most just wasted their sheer talent. To pomp pompously some preachy words... any mastery is plain clocking in and out and doing the hard to hard grind and cleaning and scrubbing those stains from the which no one wants to do.

Hence the GOLD medal in Olympics, you dweeb. Cuz it merely symbolizes just the monotone gold standard of day to day daily consistency.

At least we get to completely revamp our team. Sir "Mortimer" Ash even said "After our loss in that quintessential match at the Hippodrome, the England Lions completely refurbished their team." His words I swar.

So, I know we are Eeyore sad as if life doesn't matter and four years is too long to await but I hope these losers will inspire us to know what NOT to do with our next trend of batching players. Hmm..

And I also can't wait some to be "offended" that I dissed the "pioneers."

Honorable mention: Shamim "Montesquieueue VII" Chowdhury. And I really missed him this world cup. I hope he is sound and safe and wishing him all the best.
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