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1st Question
Has there been any point of ur life, that u never got angry, never yelled at ur best of friends, neveracted rudely, or perfectly behaved in front of everyone mantaining a 100 % reccord conduct. To my elederly brothers, go back during ur youth days, and to the youth, were u guys perfect? Just try to recollect, and notice that how many times we have been bad, emotion got the better of us? Isn't it..
Then why EXCLUDE SHAKIB out of this list?
i an not excluding shakib..he is just 23 years old and being a 23 year old i know that emotion sometime can get the better of u..but saying this i'll have to say that shakib should remember he is a national figure..what ever he does makes he should be careful..its like this: if i poke my nose in public its nothing but if a movie star does this it becomes national headline

yes money in important..but i dont get ur point..what r u trying to say?..i lost u in the last 2 questions

yes i support shakib..he may have done some arrogant stuff but the glory he brought to our cricket no one has been able to match that yet..and we dont have a single player who has the caliber of him

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