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Default \"New Thread for Dummies\"

We see lots of new threads are opened everyday in the forum. New threads allow us discuss new issues, new thoughts and new ideas. We all “love” to discuss and share our thoughts. In this sense, new threads bring new “love” to our life. Although we are receiving many “unwanted love” lately.

In March-2006, at least 540 news threads were opened in a single month. This gigantic rate will keep up in coming days. So, instead of telling people not to open “unwanted” threads, why not we educate people how to open attractive new “hot” threads??

So, which topics are “hot” popular thread topics? Hmmm, Hmm...We can say “hot” popular topics are those which received at least 50 replies. Out of 540+ new threads opened in March-2006, 22 received 50+ replies and 7 got 100+ replies.

Threads with 50+ Replies
The following 22 threads received 50+ (but less than 100) replies. The numbers in front of the thread name indicate the number of replies received.

50: Ashraful’s Funny Comments on the field today
51: Rivalry Classic
51: Kenya-Bangladesh Live Video Stream
53: Someone better explain to me
55: Bangladesh confirm final ICC Champions Trophy 2006 place
57: To all rohim lovers
57: BD squad for kenya
58: Bangladesh Team Announced for 2nd Test
59: To our selectors: Akram Inswinger
60: Performance of Dave Whatmore as BD Coach
61: Middle overs batting
61: Live Bangladesh vs Kenya Cricket
62: Ultimate Threads to watch International ODIs, TESTs, 20/20..FREE!!!!!
62: Australia Cancelled Tour of Bangladesh
62: So Whats your Team Vs Kenya?
66: BD will lose tomorrow : NOT MY WORD
67: Prospects against Australia: After SriLanka & Kenya series
69: Javed Omar
72: Will we go for 400 against Ken?
72: FREE Channel i FREE : -
94: Ashraful and Aftab is much better player than Steve Tikolo

Threads with 100+ Replies
The following 7 threads received 100+ replies. The numbers in front of the thread name indicate the number of replies received.

102: রঙ্গব্যঙ্গঃ চ্যানেল আই ধারাভাষ্য
102: Bangladesh: A Kenyan's Perspective
102: Waiting for the next Anti-JO thread!
117: সরাসরি সম্প্রচার ওয়েবকাস্ট না সোপকাস্ট?
124: Channel i Commentory !!
166: Should Javed Omar Stay Or Out???
170: Bd-Kenya telecast issue

If we go though the topics of the above popular threads, we will see a common trend. We can use this trend to write popular threads. So, here we go—our new guide for opening attractive hot threads. “New Threads for Dummies”, “Idiot’s New Thread Guide”, or “Thread Opening Made Easy” --- whatever you call it, this guide will certainly help you to write popular threads. Just follow the simple rules. You will be able to produce super hot threads in just 30 minutes!!

Tip-1: Bash Javed Omar
Just bash Javed Omar with whatever word come to your mind, you will see a lot of people rallying around you. Instead of calling it a “useless” thread, people will suddenly find your thread very useful. If you are not a JO fan, then just write something supporting Javed Omar- you will get the same result. Javed Omar is your sure shot!! Two JO related threads made it into the prestigious 100+ thread club and 1 into the 50’s club… average 112 replies per thread.

Tip-2: Abdul Hamid and Channel-I
Not sure what to write to open a new thread?? Don’t worry- you got Abdul Hamid to your rescue. Bangladesh will play many more matches with Zimbabwe-Kenya and good chances are that Channel-I will cover those match. Channel_i coverage means Abdul Hamid. You can describe what Abdul Hamid said during the game or just describe your past experience- your thread will be an easy hit. 3 Hamid and Commentary related threads got total 308 replies—average 100 reply per thread!!

Tip-3: Cheap Video = Popular Thread
Know some information about cheap cricket streaming? Write about it. No matter it is legal or illegal, live cricket streaming threads will always draw huge crowd attention. Highest 6 live streaming related thread made into the list of top replied threads…average 88 replies per thread.

Tip-4: Squad and Selectors
There are always some issues going on with the squad formation or team selection policy. For easy popularity.. bash the selectors!! There are always people who will be unhappy with the squad/team selection—they will be your friend. Total 6 squad/team selection related threads made into the top list—average 58 replies per thread.

Tip-4: Write about Kenya or Opponents
Kenya!! It may not be true all the time, but it was true for March. We will play Kenya frequently in the new FTP—so get your thoughts ready on Kenya. For other times, just write horror stories about the strength and capability of the opponents. Or Compare just Ashraful/Aftab with opponent’s top-rated player.

Tip-5: Be Pessimistic or Just Be Crazy
There are not too many pessimists in the forum. If you smart enough to see this opportunity, just be one!! Write pessimistic thoughts- you will be good to go. Even crappy pessimistic predictions will be a hot cake!! If you are not brave enough to handle the pressure of a lonely pessimistic, just get crazy!! Even threads like “Will Bangladesh Score 400 against Kenya” got 72 replies—why do you care!! Hot, popular threads is the one you looking for, not common sense.

Tip-6: Out of World
If you are really having a hard time finding topics for new thread-write fake threads like “Australia Not Coming”. People will eventually find out, but by that time your thread will be a crowd-killer. I’ll have to wish you a good luck- because many angry people will want to kick you butt.

I am sure, if you read the list of top-replies threads, you will find many more tips for writing new threads. So, bottom-line: keep reading!!

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