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Congratulations Pakistan outplayed Bangladesh in all three departments.

Bangladesh chose the wrong option batting first was a deadly mistake and good wicket and in a stadium which has better record teams batting 2nd in T20s. But who do you tell that too? Our captain had little general knowledge. Am sure being the captain of BD, playing/lasting internationally for decade plus is all itself life set and accomplished. So, whatever follows is bonus now. He can just chill and earn doing nothing, forgot homework and thinking well - why does he wants to use and waste his brain? (Not that he has any).

Batted first. Needed 160 to stay in the game. 160 chase is a lot difficult chasing than 137 - theres no pressure on the chasing side. 160 would have made they play rushed shots trying to keep up with the RRR, It's just different game. That's not to say they wouldn't have won it.

Team combo -sucks. Batting order is a mess. The new coach is a BIGGER KHET, than some of this players who have come from lesser well off backgrounds and lost themselves with little success and some big taka's they've made already. Which one can't blame them really, as they've probably never dreamt of becoming what they are now and earning such amounts with the cricket success they got early. HINT HINT (you know who the players are, lets not name and shame).

Bangladesh has to FIXI UP. Next match bench both Tamim and Naim. Try Shanto and Liton Das. Naim has to he left out to try Shanto or One of Afif of Mahedi needs to he left out. I'd leave Afif out, he is a nothing bowler and bats run a ball, Mahedi is better choice and can hit big late on. Shanto in Afif out, Shanto? Too many left handers? How about Mithun in Naim out.
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