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Originally Posted by adamnsu
Aussies and Kiwis cricketers and sport journalists are normally scum with the latter being the worst.

Ozzies havent had a proper slap on the face like England and India did which inshahAllah we hope to do someday soon. Kiwis have been rolled over many times by our side and still they open their dirty mouths.

I say screw all these people who's linage are mostly probably from prisoners
It sometimes shocks me how ignorant some of these pundits and experts are when it comes to our cricket, some even think Afghanistan/West Indies are better despite being ranked below us in ODIs. As Cricket experts they really should be following cricket around the world. They should be ahead of any normal fans in their cricketing knowledge as it is their job unlike us who don't take this sport as a profession.

That is why we need to give them a memory to remember , something that will separate us from any minnows and upsets in the past.
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