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Originally Posted by Akib
gmail... its been over a day
gmail?? nooooooooooooooooooo ..
it doesnt come through to gmail.. thats what happend to me .. it took me 2days and
still i recieved nothing.
i think there is a filter in gmail which prevents these kind of emails from coming in your mailbox.
I was so p1ssed off! (read my previous posts in this thread) of waiting while others got there teams and i havent.
i registerd again with hotmail add..and it came through in couple of hours same day.
Akib register with hotmail and contact the admin tell them to cancel your gmail registration cuz you gona register again with hotmail.
otherwise they gona think you cheating making another team for urself.
hope that helps.
i feel your happend to me.
"Reality is wrong.....Dreams are for real"
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