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Originally Posted by yasin007
And First division equates First Class Matches.

First Class Matches are multi day matches recognised by ICC as the top tier of domestic matches organised by member Boards. First division, second division, et al in the context of Bangladesh cricket are Dhaka Premier league and the bottom rung leagues which are recognised as List A matches.

Nit-picking can go both ways my friend.

if you wanted to correct me you could have said, "he mentioned 1st division, not 1st class"

By mentioning, "He mentioned about the second, third divisions and lower rungs of the leagues not first class matches" and omitting 1st division, created more confusion and wrong information.

Now the question still remain the same. By accusing games in 1st, 2nd and 3rd division games are fixed, he cannot just wake away without addressing the issue as if nothing ever being said. Either he us right (with proof) or he is wrong .....there is no in between. if he is right, BCB has to do some serious damage control with their plan and address the issue and few BCB heads rolling. If Sakib is wrong, he is in deep trouble.... may be another "paa dhorey maaf chawa" incident... this time papon instead of Loitta.
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