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Originally Posted by Fazal
Some valid points in the demand, but very irresponsible timing by not letting the BCB negotiate with them first before it went to this stage i.e. hartal.

There are few other observation and question marks:

Sakib mentioned that in "all first class games", players already knows the result before the game. Is it true or is it "till ke taal kora". i.e. if "few games" or "all games"? Regardless "true or false" its a serious allegation by Sakib about BCB to the world. ICC investigation coming in our way? Also how come in their 11 point demand, its not there? He already made the allegation, what happens if BCB agree will all their 11 points but not match fixing allegation? Will the players (including Sakib) will all go back and forget about this serious match fixing issue? I think he opened the Pandora box already,.... some head will fall.... and someone need to pay the price for this allegation .....there is no way to put this under the rug unresolved without addressing the issue.
He mentioned about the first, second, third divisions and lower rungs of the leagues not first class matches. And he mentoined it on the context of how poor and biased umpiring decisions are ruining the prospects of upcoming players.

Please check this clip -

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