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Originally Posted by One World
Well what I read so far, some players gathered together in a press conference, the first condition criticizes their own association and their leadership so I doubt how united the movement is. Do they have an unanimous vote?

They are worried that now they have a harder beep test, the professionalism of coaches making them work harder, due to national duties they are missing on lucrative deals playing abroad, they are still the top earners in the country with minimum work-hours to the list, the perks they get are ominous and just dream for many highly educated youth in the country.

Do they have a count of how many jobless post graduate manpower our country is burdened with? Not that like Srilanka (while most of their tenure war-torn and still struggling with economy) they won multiple ICC trophies already

And also what about Afghanistan, they get the best hotels I guess so those players start peeing pants every time they play Rashid-Mujib-Nabi
Question remains the same, who will be the 2nd string side?
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