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Parvez, Da'wah wants you badly in his competition, just answer these questions...i will share my answer on his "Islamic Quiz" it is my opinion only, could be right, could be wrong, only the creator of this Universe knows?...

here is my answer to his entry quiz:

1. Wa'alaikumus salam wa rahmatuallhi wa barakatuhu

2a)when you are anticipating to do something in future or expecting/hoping for an outcome in your favor

2b) whenever you want to praise someone for their success or impressed with something in this life

3) Sahabah: 2 answers:

1. those who at the time of Prophet(SAW) were by his side promoting his cause for the sake of Allah(swt) and doing good and forbiding evil.

2. the highest possible status for the ummah to strive for, those who will receive Shaf'ah (Rasulullah's first sujood and then Allah(swt) will allow him to rise and name those people whom shall enter jannah with Mohammad(swt)...(i pray we both are in that category ) in the day of judgement(Yaumool Q'iyamah), not the best day to laugh....unless Allah bestows his mercy on you.
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