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^ Agreed. Humility is next on our long list of things that need to be taught.

I think once we're used to shutting up the opposition by winning, things will change. We're still achieving many "Firsts" as a team at all levels and this world cup is no different. Often opposition make fun of us off camera etc. I remember Mashrafe mentioning an incident during 2008 Asia Cup in Pakistan where some members from one of the opposition teams (he didn't mention the player) made some offensive comments to the BD players while in the hotel swimming pools. I wasn't able to dig up the source by I distinctly remember reading this.

Point is, we're basically always made fun of, especially by India and Pakistan supporters. The players obviously feel it too and naturally want to return the favour. Once we start winning more tournaments and earn respect, we won't try and snatch it from our opponents anymore.
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